June 19, 2024

The Reborn of Boholic.com

More than a year! 1 year and 4 months to be exact. That is how long this blog has not been updated. What happened to the blogger? Well, the blogger is just having some status change, from being single to be a husband and a father of one. I have been thinking a lot of times to revive this blog but there are a lot of circumstances that hinder me to push through.

Since I am reviving this blog, I am offering you a brand new look of the site (new color design and a new logo).


The new logo is just derived from the old one but this is now more of a youthful look I guess. The logo emphasizes one of the top tourist destinations in Bohol, the Chocolate Hills. As the Chocolate Hills have been designed, the letter B is being formed as the first word of the name of the site, boholic.

The Site Name

I think I have not yet explained where do I get the name of the site. Boholic is composed of two words, Bohol for the province of Bohol and the suffix -ic. Based on some research on the internet, suffix -ic is used as an adjective-forming suffix with the particular senses “having some characteristics of”. When suffix -ic is added to Bohol, it is now an adjective pertaining to Bohol. With that, this site is having the tagline “Defines everything about Bohol”.

You may observer that I have been using boholic beauty, boholic culture and many other categories with boholic on it. I am also currently defining boholic as bohol-i-c. “bohol is cool”, “bohol is comfort” and many other things that we could use to define Bohol.

So, join me as we discover the beautiful places, latest happenings, the culture and various events in Bohol. Ajo-ajo! 🙂

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