May 28, 2024

Alturas Mall

Alturas Mall has been dubbed as the MOA of Bohol, not the same size as the MOA in Manila but based on the initials of Mall of Alturas. Alturas Mall has its soft opening last June 22. Once a sari-sari store in 1972, Alturas has transforms into one of the biggest malls in Bohol. The mall aims to provide convenience in shopping for all the Boholanos.

Alturas Group of Companies has really achieved a lot here in Bohol. Way back when I was still young, I was very happy when someone accompanied me to Tagbilaran City. For sure, we will be buying some goodies at Alturas supermarket. Alturas was just a small and crowded supermarket by that time. On the grocery store, you can hardly move due to narrow spaces between the racks plus the customers were so many. If I’m not mistaken, I think the supermarket had 3 storeys. The ground floor was for the grocery items, second floor for the dresses and accessories and the third floor was for the home appliances. From the Alturas supermarket, they had opened Plaza Marcela and followed by the biggest mall in Tagbilaran City, the Island City Mall.

CPG Avenue Entrance
CPG Avenue Entrance
B. Inting Entrance

Alturas Mall as of now has two entrance gates, B. Inting Street and CPG. Avenue entrance. To realize its plan to have an entrance at the CPG Avenue, Alturas had acquired a lot of neighbouring spaces. Construction of the mall is still ongoing since the space of the Alturas supermarket before is not yet part of the opened Alturas Mall. The mall has 5 storeys with the grocery store at the ground floor, boutiques at 2nd to 4th floors and Food Walk at the fifth floor.




If you happen to come to Tagbilaran City, you may shop and dine at the Alturas Mall. The mall provides more shopping pleasures to its customers.

Ground Floor view from 2nd Floor

If you have already been to Alturas Mall, are you one of those who were wondering about having no escalator for going down? Currently, when you go up from the ground floor to 2nd floor, you can take the stairs or the escalator. But, when you go down from 2nd floor to ground floor, there is no escalator for going down but instead you have to take the narrow staircase. If you know the reason, please comment below.

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