July 19, 2024

Exploring Anda, Bohol (Day 1)

Anda is now one of the top tourist destinations in Bohol. With the fine white sand beaches, beautiful resorts and different enjoyable activities, Anda promises a memorable stay to all its tourists.

Local government’s effort in promoting Anda as a tourist destination is slowly being noticed. During the Sandugo festival last July, town of Anda participated almost all of the events. Anda proves that they are now ready to be explored and Andanons could offer a lot to all the visitors of their town.

Anda at Late Afternoon
Location: a small peninsula at the eastern tip of Bohol, 99 kilometers from Tagbilaran City
No. of Barangays: 16
Congressional District: 3rd
Town Fiesta: 25th of January
Patron Saint: Sto. Nino
Market Day: Tuesday

Due to curiousity of the place, we had planned to visit Anda. But, due to conflicts with the schedule we were not able to go to Anda right away. Last Monday and Tuesday, we finally explored the town of Anda.

Anda - fine white sand
To guide all the readers on how to go to Anda and to orient on some of the activities, I created the timetable and itinerary of our trip.

08:30AM to 09:00AM – Breakfast at Dao Terminal

Since travel to Anda is around 3 hours, it is important to eat something before you depart. You can have your breakfast at the restaurants inside the Dao Terminal. The restaurants are located at the 2nd floor of the Dao Terminal building.

09:00AM to 10:00AM – Waiting on the Bus to Arrive

There are 2 ways on how to go to Anda. You can ride a van(P120) via Guindulman and transfer to a tricycle(P30) for Anda. You can also ride on the bus(P100) via Anda. To avoid the hassle of transferring our bags, we had chosen to ride on the bus. We waited 1 hour for the bus to arrive since the bus was from Anda.

10:00AM to 10:30AM – Waiting on the Bus to Depart

After 1 hour of waiting, we have finally aboard on the bus. But, we need to wait for a few minutes for other passengers to ride on the bus.

10:30AM to 01:00PM – Travel from Tagbilaran to Anda

While traveling from Tagbilaran to Anda, we passed 10 coastal towns of Bohol. These towns are the towns of Baclayon, Alburquerque, Loay, Lila, Dimiao, Garcia Hernandez, Valencia, Jagna, Duero and Guindulman. 10 towns are too many but you’ll be having fun looking at the scenery outside the bus. You’ll be passing many famous churches in Bohol and of course the beautiful beaches in Bohol.

01:00PM to 02:00PM – Lunch at Anda Market

Anda Market
It was already 1 o’clock when we arrived Anda. To satisfy our hunger, we looked for a restaurant. We asked for some people at the Anda market on the location of the restaurants in Anda. The restaurants are located at the back of the Anda market. The restaurants offer a lot of affordable Filipino foods. The prices of the foods ranges from P10 to P50.

02:00PM to 02:30PM – Looking for a place to stay

According to the tourism office of Anda, there are 23 resorts to stay in Anda now. Two of the resorts are located near the Anda market, Anda lodge and J&A Travellers Inn. We tried to inquire at the J&A Travellers Inn. They have 3 rooms at P800 per room. We were looking for a place near the beach so we continued searching on the resorts near the beach. With the recommendations from our friends, we finally stayed at the Little Miami Beach Resort.

02:30PM to 04:30PM – Rest at Little Miami

Anda Little Miami
After our long trip, we finally took a rest at Little Miami Beach Resort. The resort has 7 cottages with aircon, cable tv and free wifi. The resort is a perfect place for relaxation since it is fronting the white beach of Anda.

04:30PM to 05:30PM – Strolling at the white beach of Anda

Anda - Ready for Fishing
It was already late afternoon when we decided to explore the beautiful beach of Anda. It was low tide so the sea is around 10 to 15 meters away from the shoreline. During low tide, it’s nice to play frisbee, take pictures of the sunset or talk with the locals while they are getting some sea urchins (suwaki).

Anda - Gathering Shells

05:30PM to 06:30PM – Strolling at Anda’s plaza

Anda Church
It was almost dark when we went to the town’s church and plaza. The church, town’s oval, private school, municipal hall and the plaza are in the same area.

Anda Plaza
06:30PM to 07:00PM – Dinner at Anda Market

After strolling at Anda’s plaza, we went directly to Anda market for our dinner. The restaurants at the market are open during night time. If you are looking for a cheaper food, you may dine at the restaurants in Anda Market. If you are looking for a fine dining experience, you may dine at the famous resorts in Anda.

Anda Restaurants
07:00PM to 08:00PM – Interview with the Incharge of Little Miami Beach Resort

To be well-informed about Anda, we talked to the incharge of the Little Miami Beach Resort. The information we gathered during our conversation will be posted here in the coming days.

08:00PM to 09:00PM – Resting on the cottage

To feel relaxed, you can just sit down on your cottage and hear the sounds of the waves and feel the cool breeze of the air. Most of the white beaches in Anda are not open at night. Anda is already quiet at 8PM and you will randomly see people who are strolling on the beach since the place is already dark.

09:00PM to 10:30PM – Watching TV

After 1 hour of resting, we decided to turn on the TV. At Little Miami, they have a cable tv connection so you’ll have a lot of choices on the channels.

10:30PM ——- Sleep

It was already 10:30PM when we decided to have our sleep. After our long trip and stroll in Anda, we need to rest and be ready for the 2nd day of our Anda experience.

Second day of our exploration in Anda will be posted on a separate post. If you have questions, please drop on the comment section below.

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