April 22, 2024

Cherry Blossom in Bohol?


It was last month when my facebook newsfeed has been flooded with photos of the Sakura or Cherry Blossom sightseeing in Japan. Everyone would love to take a picture with the lovely flowers of the tree. But, you would need a lot of budget first before you will be able to see the real flowers of Cherry Blossom.

Would you believe that Boholanos can now be able to witness the same scenery as the Cherry Blossom in Japan and other countries? It’s hard to believe at first but a lot of Boholanos have already posted their photos on facebook regarding the tree that bear flowers in Bohol. The said tree has been making a buzz to the Boholanos for about 2 weeks already.

Boholanos have been very creative in making their posts on facebook. Some of the facebook users were able to caption their posts with “The Tourists” which made the readers to be curious on their location.

Due to curiosity, I visited the location of the famous tree here in Bohol. Even if I was meters away from the tree, I was already amazed with the beauty of the flowers. As I went nearer to the tree, I realized that there is no reason why Boholanos would not love to take pictures of the tree.
The location of the tree is easy to access. It is meters away from Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City. Upon entering the highway to Island City Mall and Dao Terminal, you would easily notice the tree on the left side. So, if you happen to be in ICM, you can visit and be mesmerized with the beauty of the flowers.

For those who have already been to the tree, do you know the name of the tree? Or, is it the same tree as the Cherry Blossom? Post your comments below.

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