April 22, 2024

New Dauis Bridge and the Places Around It

“Bridge ta na!”. Have you ever heard of this line? Boholanos are referring this to the New Dauis Bridge. This bridge connects Tagbilaran City to Dauis town which will eventually be an access to the New Bohol Airport. The bridge is about 10 to 15 minute ride by tricycle from the downtown of Tagbilaran City to Mansasa.


For everyone’s information, there are two bridges that connect Tagbilaran City and the town of Dauis. The first bridge is called the Causeway that connects Tagbilaran City to Totolan, Dauis which is can be accessed by just walking from the downtown Tagbilaran. The second bridge is the bridge that I am referring here.

I have been to Dauis bridge twice and I can say that it feels so relaxing while you are there. It is a perfect place to unwind from a heavy load of work during the day. During morning, the place offers a lot of beautiful sceneries of Tagbilaran and Dauis. At night time, the bridge is a meeting place for groups to have some relaxation and discussions.

Listed below are just some of the spots and sceneries that you could see while you are at the bridge.

Dauis Welcome Sign




Dauis Church


Fishing Boats


Famous Dauis Hotels (Bohol Plaza)


Banat-i Hill


The people on the bridge


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