April 22, 2024

Things to Know About the 4th Tour de Cebu in Bohol

Tour de Cebu is not a usual event for Boholanos. Most of the Boholanos are not yet aware of this. In a casual press conference held last March 26, 2017 at the Be Grand Resort in Panglao, Bohol, some of the members of Bohol Bloggers Collective had a chance to discuss the upcoming Tour de Cebu event over breakfast. Present during the press conference were Kenneth Cobonpue, Michael Lhuillier, Jay Aldeguer, Glenn Soco, Tony Lozada, and Lui Alvarez. The upcoming event is already on its 4th year and they will be having it again in Bohol. Yes, this will be their 2nd year in Bohol. With the success of their 1st year in Bohol, they are set to come back on October 20 to 22, 2017.

Bohol Bloggers Collective with some of the PACE members
Bohol Bloggers Collective with some of the PACE members

What is Tour de Cebu?

Tour de Cebu is an annual 1,000-km historic sports car rally inspired by the notable Mille Miglia event in Italy which started in 2014 –a three-day regularity race featuring cars manufactured in the year 1972 or older which is participated by prestigious Filipino elites and businessmen such as Kenneth Cobonpue (world-renowned furniture designer), Chris Aldueger (VP for SM Prime), Grand Benedicto (President for BE Resorts Group & Enrison Land, Inc) and many others.

According to Michael Lhuillier, the car race is not about the speed but rather on the precision. Every participating car must arrive at a point at a designated time. The participants must maintain a certain speed. The participant who will be arriving early than the designated time will get more point deduction than arriving late.

2016 TDC Winner - Martin Aguilar
2016 TdC Winner – Martin Aguilar

Who are the people behind the event?

The Performance and Classic Enthusiasts of Cebu (PACE) is behind the Tour de Cebu event. The Cebu’s premier car club is led by Michael Lhuillier. The members have done an excellent job on hosting the rally that has become a premier motoring event in the country participated by classic car aficionados from all over the country.

The event also has an independent technical committee who is responsible for organizing the event. The committee will announce the route to be taken by the participants day before the event. The participants are also bringing mechanics with them that will follow the whole tour. The mechanics are not only exclusive for one car but they are willing to help all participants who may encounter some troubles during the event.


Why are they choosing Bohol?

With the overwhelming support and success of last year’s Tour de Cebu event in Bohol, the group has decided to hold the event in Bohol again. According to Lhuillier, last year’s hosting of Bohol on the event was phenomenal. They got the support of the Local Government Units. The LGUs had done a good job in the people’s awareness of the event. They also got the attention of school kids and town mayors.

Another reason for choosing Bohol is the respect they got from Boholanos. They highlighted that Boholanos moved away from the road to give way of the racing participants. They emphasized that Bohol also has many great roads to discover. The scenery while being on the road also got their attention to have the event in Bohol again.

2016 Tour de Cebu farewell with Danao students
2016 Tour de Cebu farewell with Danao students

What to expect in the event?

It is expected that around 50 participants are going to join this year’s Tour de Cebu event. Some international participants are also expected to join the event. The event will kick-off in Cebu and the tour will start in Tubigon. They are dubbing the event as “touristic rally” because they are going to highlight the tourism spots on their routes.

2016 Winner
2016 Winner
James Deakin on Sir Grand's 550 Spyder
James Deakin on Sir Grand’s 550 Spyder

How are we going to show our support?

We can show our support by spreading awareness to Boholanos and vintage car lovers about this event on October 20 to 22, 2017. By making the event successful, more events could be held in Bohol in the future.

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