June 19, 2024

HNU Intramurals 2014 Opened With a Drone

The week-long intramurals of Holy Name University had the opening ceremonies this afternoon. The program started at around 3PM at the Janssen Oval. All the departments of the university were well-presented. Students from the departments of CBA(Business and Accountancy), CCS(Computer Studies), COE(Engineering), COED(Education), CAS(Arts and Sciences), CON-MT(Nursing and Medical Technology) and COL(Law and Graduate Studies) were gathered at their designated area at the oval. Everyone on the oval was very excited for the different competitions.
opening program
During the opening program, mascots from different departments had a showdown. All of the mascots were very impressive. Every detail of the mascot was well-prepared. It shows that Holy Namians are very creative and attentive when it comes to details.

mascot - cas
College of Arts and Sciences
mascot - cba
College of Business and Accountancy
mascot - ccs
College of Computer Studies
mascot - coe
College of Engineering
mascot - coed
College of Education with College of Nursing and Medical Technology

Another competition during the opening programs was the Pom Dance Competition. Each department prepared a group to represent their department for this competition. The Pom Dance competition was opened by a presentation from the Diwanag Dance Troupe. The competition was presented by a well-rehearsed presentation from the students from each department.

Diwanag Dance Troupe
pom - cas
College of Arts and Sciences
pom - cba
College of Business and Accountancy
pom - ccs
College of Computer Studies
pom - coed
College of Education
pom - engineering
College of Engineering
pom - nursing
College of Nursing and Medical Technology

To excite the students even more, energetic and good-looking participants from each department were presented. Instead of the usual pageant style of deciding the winners of the Mr. & Miss Intramurals by having a Q&A, the participants were able to undergo different levels of tests. More details of the Mr. & Miss Intramurals are on the separate post.

College of Education – First to Raise the Banner

To officially start the Intramurals, torch lighting was performed in a unique way. Engineering department of HNU came up with the idea of a domino effect style of presenting the games that end up with the lighting of the torch. The HNU oval had been laid out with different obstacles. After all the obstacles were passed, the drone suddenly appeared to the delight of the students.

torch - soccer

torch - ball


torch - drone watchers

Everyone cheered as the drone went up and down. The loud cheers was heard even more when the drone went nearer to the torch. With the hit of the drone on the upper part of the torch, the fire went down to the torch which made the torch to light and signaled as the official start of the HNU Intramurals.
torch - drone emerge

torch - drone control

torch - getting nearer

torch - light
Kudos to the engineering students of HNU for making the torch lighting very unique.

List of Winners:
Mascot ShowdownCollege of Engineering
Pom Dance Competition:
3rd Place – College of Education
2nd Place – College of Nursing and Medical Technology
1st Place – College of Business and Accountancy

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