July 19, 2024

3 Boys from Guindulman in It’s Showtime

Boholanos are once again making a scene at It’s Showtime’s PINASikat competition. This time, 3 guys from Guindulman, Bohol showcased their talent in their new school hiphop dance. They call their group as CAS.

The group started with a normal hiphop dance routine. When they started to act as gay, the crowd was shocked. They flawlessly danced a new school hiphop dance to the tune of Jessie J’s Bang Bang.

The hosts immediately asked whether they are gay or not. They replied that they are certified males.  According to them, they were from different groups and had formed the group for just 1 month.

During the trivia portion by Kuya Kim, he mentioned about Guindulman. According to him, Guindulman has been derived from the word “dulom” which means darkness. Pooh, one of the judges, was speechless during his time to comment.

Luckily, they won the competition with a score of perfect 10. They will be back for the weekly finals. Catch CAS’ performance on the weekly finals.

Based on the comments from the It’s Showtime’s official facebook page, two of the contestants’ names are Moises Michael Calo  and Jim Olandres Amen.

Jim Olandres Amen
Moises Michael Calo


The 3 guys named their group as CAS which is an abbreviation of Certified Advance Skills.

The third member of the group is Ken Suarez. Thanks to one of our readers for informing us.

Nek Zeraus
Ken Suarez

If you were not able to watch their performance, you can watch it here.

For the result of the weekly finals, please read this post.

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