June 19, 2024

3 Guindulmanons Back in It’s Showtime for the Weekly Finals

Last Tuesday, 3 boys from Guindulman were able to surprise the Boholanos all over the world when they performed at the PINASikat competition of It’s Showtime. In fact, the post on this site was able to reach a lot of Boholanos and other people since it has been shared a lot of times. During the daily competition of PINASikat, they won the contest with the score of perfect 10 which made them to return for the weekly finals.

Last Saturday, CAS was able to perform again on It’s Showtime. During the introduction, the Showtime hosts mentioned that the Boholanos did not know that they were joining the competition. They mentioned that the Boholanos are surely waiting on their performance. Their statement was correct, Boholanos are very much excited on their performance.

As expected, they were able to present a flawless performance. They started with a slow dance to the music of “Rude” then transitioned to a more fast beat music. Their final act was with their signature hiphop dance acting as gays to the music of Beyonce’s Naughty Girl. casThe madlang people’s scores were divided. Some were able to raise their score with 10, others were able to give 9 while others were 8. According to one madlang people, she thought that the performance was lacking. She compared the performance with the previous contestant wherein according to her, the performance was more difficult to execute.

According to Jhong, the performance was impressive. The transition of their music was good since it started with a slow dance then slowly making a transition to a more fast beat music and ended with a surprising dance.

After all the contestants were able to perform, the showtime hosts announced the winner. CAS was declared as one of the winners of the weekly finals together with Jommer & Clang and the Flexie Buddies. They won the weekly finals with the score of 9.7. They will be back for the monthly finals of PINASikat.

Congratulations to CAS! Boholanos are really proud of you.

CAS’ performance during the weekly finals of PINASikat

Score of all the contestants – CAS: 9.7


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