June 19, 2024

Link Partners

Bohol Bloggers Collective
– a community of both professional and amateur (in training) writers and bloggers living in or coming from Bohol

Bohol Blogger and Writer – Iboholana.com
– Bohol blogger and writer traveling to places and discovering new adventures.

Paints And Quills – Bohol Bloggers and Writer
– Where people, places, arts, and matters of the heart and soul are captured and put down in words.

Paolo Rigotti
– I’m swiss-italian-filipino and I’m a food enthusiastic.

Little Gelah Girl
– A blog about Bohol, its lifestyle, people, poetry and places.

Debonaire’s Den
– A den for thoughts and interests

Bohol Eyes
– Your eyes in Bohol.

When In Bohol

Now in Bohol

Up and Down Da Isla

Gypsy Esprit –

DeeJay Writes

Bryan Captures

The Boholana

Guru Vence

Tarsier Times

Ransoy Photography

Little Steps