June 19, 2024

Celebrating Life! Food Exhibit at Plaza Rizal

Fusion nights is one of the events that have been lined up by the provincial government of Bohol to commemorate the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which struck the province a year ago. Plaza Rizal in Tagbilaran City is now serving foods from different countries in the world. The fusion nights started last October 15 and will end on October 18, 2014 from 5PM to 12MN.

Famous restaurants, cafes and resorts in Bohol are currently exhibiting their products at Plaza Rizal. Try to visit and eat at the area provided for the customers. You’ll be having different choices of food from the local foods in Bohol to international cuisines.

List of participating exhibitors:
* Bialetti Caffe
* Just Sizzlin’
* Not Just Tacos
* Gavroche French Bakery
* Cuisina ni Tisay
* Egay’s Farm
* Tarsier Botanika
* Shiang Ma Nou
* Amorita Resort
* Villa Formosa
* Hola!

**** Cuisina ni Tisay ****

cuisina ni tisay 1

Cuisina ni Tisay is serving traditional Boholano foods. With your P100, you’ll be having different choices of set of foods that will surely satisfy your hunger.

cuisina ni tisay 3
As part of the earthquake commemoration, they are naming their foods with terms related to earthquake.
Here are some of the interesting names they have given to the popular Boholano foods.
Fault-O Cheese
And, the Quake Meals for just P100

cuisina ni tisay 2
**** Hola! ****

hola! 2

Hola! is a Mexi-Asian fusion restaurant. They are serving foods like Herbed Chicken Sandwich, Roast Beef Sandwich, Grilled Pork Sandwich, Quesadillas, Taco Pizza, Loaded Nachos and many more. If you’re on a diet or just want to taste some Mexican food, this restaurant is for you.
hola! 1
According to the owner, their restaurant will open either in October end or beginning of November near Just Sizzlin’ restaurant.

**** Just Sizzlin’ ****

just sizzlin 3
Just Sizzlin’ is offering sizzling foods like Chicken Lollipops, Lollies & Fries, Pork Chops, Burger Steak and the famous Flaming Chicken. Based on our observation, they are offering more affordable foods compared to what they served at their restaurant. If you’re craving for Just Sizzlin’ food, you can visit their stall and order their value meals.

just sizzlin 1

Since the way the flaming chicken has been served is one of the unique feature of their restaurant, they still light the chicken with flame right infront of you.

just sizzlin 2
**** Villa Formosa ****

Villa Formosa 1

Villa Formosa is a resort and restaurant located in Panglao. They are offering some Italian foods like Penne Carbonara, Home-made Fettucine with Pesto, Home-made Beef Lasagna, Gnocchi with 4-cheese, Parma Ham Tortellini with Cream sauce, Panna Cotta and many others. If you are a pasta lover, you’ll be having a lot of choices at their stall.

Villa Formosa 2
**** Egay’s Farm ****

egay's farm 1

Egay’s Farm Restaurant is offering dishes from their farm products, fresh farm veggies, native chicken, goat and a lot more. If you still remember, Egay’s farm was the top grosser during the Sandugo’s International Fusion Cuisine food exhibit last July 2014.

egay's farm 2

**** Gavroche French Bakery ****

gavroche 1

Gavroche French Bakery is serving French foods for the Boholanos. Gavroche’s stall in Plaza Rizal has been managed by 2 energetic foreigners.

Since it was already 8PM when we arrived at Plaza Rizal, most of the breads on their stall were already sold out. The signboard inside the tray had been written with “Hurot Na!” and “Ugma na pod!”. I was curious whether they understand those Bisaya words. One of them answered me that he already knew a little of Bisaya. He explained to me further that they will be baking more french breads on the following day since they are expecting more customers to come on Friday and Saturday.

gavroche 2
**** Bialetti Caffe ****

bialetti caffe 1

Bialetti Caffe is offering coffees, refreshments, muffins, cookies and many more. If you’re already full and would like to take some break, you may drop by at the Bialetti Caffe stall at Plaza Rizal. All of the desserts and drinks are well-prepared. Posted infront of their stall is the banner with their new products for the Christmas season. Since the exhibit is only until Saturday, you may visit their place at Galeria Luisa.

bialetti caffe 2
**** Tarsier Botanika ****

tarsier botanika 1

Tarsier Botanika is a tropical botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary situated on Tawala, Panglao, Bohol. They bringing some of their products on the food exhibit. Tarsier Botanika stall is one of the most attractive stalls since you’ll feel like you’re having a fine dining experience at the plaza. The food that you order are cooked right infront of you by the assigned chef.

tarsier botanika 2
**** Shiang Ma Nou ****

Shiang Ma Nou is offering Chinese food for the Boholanos. This restaurant has been serving the Boholanos for many years already at their restaurant near the Lourdes Parish Church. Shiang Ma Nou is bringing some of their dishes at their stall in Plaza Rizal like siomai, siopao, wantons and many others.

shiang ma nou
You still have 2 more nights to experience the food exhibit at Plaza Rizal. If you would like to dine at the food exhibit, you need to consider that there are only limited tables and chairs so you have to be patient in waiting for others to finish with their meal for you to have a place to dine.

the band
While dining at the food exhibit, a local band playing some classical music is entertaining you. Decide what restaurant you would like to dine and visit the place for you to enjoy the famous restaurants here in Bohol.

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