June 19, 2024

Electro Circuit: Neon Party & DJ Music Festival in Bohol

For those who were not yet informed of this Friday’s event, Electro Circuit dance party is going to happen at Crabhouse by the Bay, Tagbilaran City on December 5, 2014. If you love clubbing or you want to experience what it feels like partying at a large dance event, you may check out the event this Friday. The event is also a perfect way to hang out with friends while enjoying the non-stop performances by club DJs playing electronic dance music that extends through the night and into the following day.

electro circuit - dj

To make the event more exciting, the party will be topbilled by US-based DJ Tom Taus, former child star who was playing the role of Cedie. He is back in the Philippines to pursue his career in music. Joining Tom Taus on the event are celebrity female club DJs Jennifer Lee and Ashley Rivera as well as Bohol-based club DJs from Time Out, Club Atmosphere & U- Bar of Bohol and Cebu’s Club Alchology, Liv Super Club & Bar Code.

More than the DJ’s, the crowd & the electronica dance music (EDM), it is the awesome laser light shows, LED projected images and beam lights, visual effects and smoke machines that make the event more spectacular.

Here is the venue of the event, Crabhouse by the Bay, that would transform into an electrifying dance music festival venue on Friday, December 5.
crabhouse by the bay

Electro Circuit Teaser Video

For the tickets, you may check the details on the image below.
electro circuit

Join us in Bohol’s biggest Neon Party, DJ Music & Arts Festival! Bring your friends with you to make the event more fun and exciting.

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