June 19, 2024

I See Bohol: People Fighting

Is it true that the people involved in the picture below are truly fighting? As what the picture has shown, two people are shouting at each other and one person is pulling the other. But, why does a kid just staring at them? Keep on scrolling below for the answer.

The shoreline at the beach of Anda is a good place for recreational activities. I have taken this picture during the blogging event in Anda. While I was walking during sunrise at Anda, I found a group of people who were keep on laughing and shouting at each other. They were having so much fun while playing patintero at the beach. It was Sunday so there were also a lot of people who were coming at the beach.

If you have plans for recreational activities, you can do it at Quinale Beach in Anda, Bohol. Just like the people at the picture, you can spend your time with your friends also.

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