July 19, 2024

St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral – Mass Schedule

St. Joseph the Worker is the patron saint of Tagbilaran City. Tagbilaran City’s annual town fiesta is celebrated every 1st day of May. St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral is located near the Bohol Capitol and Plaza Rizal. This cathedral has more schedules of mass compared to other churches in Tagbilaran City but it has the most number of attendees in every mass.

SCHEDULE OF MASSES (as of August 14, 2022)

Sunday Mass Schedule
— 4:30AM (Vernacular)
— 6:00AM (Vernacular)
— 7:30AM (English)
— 9:00AM (Vernacular) – LIVE
— 10:30AM (Vernacular)
— 12:00NN (English) – LIVE
— 2:00PM (Vernacular)
— 3:30PM (Vernacular Youth Mass) – LIVE
— 5:00PM (Vernacular) – LIVE
— 6:30PM (English)
— 7:45PM (Vernacular)

DAILY Mass Schedule
— 6:15AM (Vernacular)
— 7:15AM (English)
— 12:00NN (Vernacular) – LIVE
— 3:00PM (Vernacular) – every Friday
— 5:15PM (Vernacular)
— 6:15PM (English) – every Wednesday

Saturday Anticipated Mass Schedule
— 5:30PM (Vernacular)
— 6:45PM (English)


Pictures taken at the church:



After the mass, you can light a candle outside the church. You can buy the candles at the booths outside and light them at the designated area.


For those who would like to attend the mass at St. Joseph Cathedral, see map below.

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