April 22, 2024

Bohol’s 160th Foundation Day and Boholic.com Launch

Bohol is now celebrating its 160th foundation day. With 160 years, it only proves that Bohol has its very rich history,  culture and tradition. To share what Bohol can offer, we are now also officially launching the Boholic.com website.

Bohol provincial government had conducted a program to honor the people of Bohol who contributed a lot in its development.  The event was conducted at the Bohol Cultural Center in Tagbilaran City.

I was not able to attend the event but through the power of social media, I was able to know the happenings in the event.  Through the facebook account of Sir Nestor Daarol, I was surprised upon looking at the pictures when the founder of our town, Pedro Samuya, was one of the recipient of the awards. My “lolo”, brother of the father of my grandfather, was responsible of founding our town, San Isidro. You’ll be shocked when you know of his age. He is now 106 years old but still able to do a lot of things. His award is Governor’s Award to the oldest living public official.


Based on the news, there were also awards given to the “Father of Bohol’s Tourism Development”, Atty. Anos J. Fonacier,  and award for Business/Enterprise was given to Mr. Richard T. Uy, the Chairman of FCB. Highlighted also during the event were the framed paintings of our Boholano heroes, Sikatuna, Tamblot, Salazar, Dagohoy and Garcia. Conducted also during the event was the launching of Bohol’s Fiber Optic Network connecting the province to PLDT’s domestic fiber optic network.


Through the years, Bohol has been noticed as one of the progressive provinces. With its latest development, Bohol is now adapting on the changes of technology. Through technology, communication is now easier for Boholanos to keep in touch with their families in Bohol. To provide updates of Bohol’s progress and latest happenings, Boholic.com will be updated from time to time.

Boholic.com will be providing information on the events, places and its people to our fellow Boholanos. With this, we are hoping that we can help Bohol in promoting the tourism, products and other sectors in Bohol. We are aiming to be part of Governor Chatto’s call on “Padayon Bohol, Padayon Pilipinas”.

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