July 19, 2024

“Balik Sa Bohol” Song: An Eye-opener for Boholanos

“Balik sa Bohol” song is repeatedly playing on my mind right now. The song has been my LSS (Last Song Syndrome) since we heard the song last night. With the lyrics “Balik sa Bohol Balik, Balik sa Bohol Balik”, the song will surely catches your attention.

We were at Dunkin Donuts (near Plaza Rizal) last night when a group of singers were having a meeting. To end their meeting, they decided to sing the “Balik sa Bohol” song. I think they had the meeting for an activity for the Sandugo celebrations. I was not eavesdropping but their voices were too loud to be heard on the neighboring tables (excuses! haha). With that, an idea has came up to my mind regarding the song. It could have been a sign to start this blog site. I have already conceived the idea of creating a blog site exclusively for Bohol and its people but I have a difficulty on how to start with the site. The song could have been the trigger to start with my project for Bohol.

For me, the song really fits my situation now. But before that, let me introduce myself. I am Gilbert Samuya, a resident of Sitio Cabatu-an, Poblacion, San Isidro, Bohol (full address so that you can trace me :D). I spent my elementary and high school in San Isidro but I moved to Tagbilaran when I studied college. I graduated BS Computer Engineering at CVSCAFT-TCC, now BISU. I have just resigned from my company in Cebu. I was at that company for about 6 years. I had a lot of experiences with me while I was working at that company. The company has also given me the chance to work in Japan. With a lot of experiences and a good compensation, there’s nothing that I could ask for. By the way, the name of the company is AWS (Advanced World Solutions, Inc.), a Japanese IT company. I was hired by that company when they conducted the campus hiring here in Bohol.

Before I entered AWS, it has always been in my mind that I’ll be back in Bohol someday. I’ll try to help Bohol in promoting tourism and expanding more on its IT sector. While working on the company, I tried to gain enough experiences from a company that has molded me into a well-rounded IT professional.

Last Thursday, July 17, was my last day in the company. I am now slowly realizing the dream that I have in my mind for a long time. I am now officially back in Bohol and very much excited for more adventures that I may encounter. I may have already been familiar with the history, culture and the people in Bohol but I am now ready to share those experiences to the world.

“Balik sa Bohol” song is maybe a great eye-opener for Boholanos around the world. We may not be necessarily in Bohol physically but by embracing our beloved Bohol is enough to say that we have already came back. For Boholanos who already missed the beauty of Bohol, this blog site will act as your window to Bohol. The site aims to make you feel that you’re still here in Bohol.

As a Boholano, I am proud that I have already came back to our beloved Bohol. I am now ready to promote Bohol to the world and I’m hoping that you could help me in promoting Bohol too.

Youtube’s copy of the song:

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